Stevens Creek Church

Come this Sunday as we continue our series called Weather Advisory.This week will discuss the story of Elijah and his experience of spiritual dryness in his life. In “Drought Tolerant”, come see how God supplies our needs even when we cannot “feel” His presence.

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Saturday, August 16 – Stevens Creek Community Church is offering its inaugural Creative Worship Conference. Volunteers are needed to work that day. To attend or volunteer, register at the

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Information Center or the call the office at 863-7002.The conference is free to Stevens Creek members. See Pastor Todd for details. 

Thursday, August 14- 6:30 pm –The Women’s Fellowship Group will meet for a picnic at the Watervale pool. Bring a picnic dish to share. Sign up at the Information Center or contact Pam Patterson at 860-3510 or

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Sunday, August 17- 6:30 pm – A Newcomers Orientation Class will be held in the Food Court. If you desire to learn more about Stevens Creek, register at the Information Center. This class is a prerequisite for membership. Refreshments and child care are provided. 

October 5 – November 23 – 40 Days of Purpose Campaign

Stevens Creek Community Church began as Church of the Harvest on November 29, 1987 in Edgefield County with a passion to reach unchurched people for Christ. The congregation was founded by its present pastor who is an ordained Church of God minister.

In the initial meeting, twenty-one people, along with Dr. Marty and Patty Baker and their infant son, stood and prayed for God to do a work in their community. Three weeks later, the young congregation went public with their services by renting the Trellis Ballroom at the Reston House Quality Inn on Washington Road in Augusta. There were 61 people present in this first publicly advertised worship service. By the end of the first year, the average attendance was around 90 people.

On June 1, 1988, Church of the Harvest assumed the property of the Martinez Church of God. The property included a 180 seat sanctuary, eight Sunday School rooms, a fellowship building, and a three bedroom parsonage located on five acres at 3670 Old Petersburg Road. The new property increased the opportunity for the development of new ministries. The new building provided a great psychological boost to the congregation. It furnished everyone with a sense of security and stability. With a stabilized membership, the pastor began focusing on further renovations to the property. Over the next several years, they paved the parking lot, and renovated their offices and Sunday School rooms. With each project, the young congregation grew in its understanding of the value of faith in God.

In January 1992, the Pastor’s Advisory Council presented architectural plans for a major renovation of the sanctuary, restrooms, and nursery of the church. While the renovation of the building was in progress, the Lord began to do a renovation in the mission and direction of the congregation. From the very beginning, the congregation had a passion to reach non-churched individuals, but it simply did not know how.

As the Lord stirred the heart of the leadership team, they began investigating congregations throughout the country that were effective in sharing the with their friends. This search led them to Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Through Willow Creek’s ministry, the leadership team of Church of the Harvest developed a strategy to reach their friends and neighbors with the message of Christ.

This strategy resulted in a reinvention of the church. It started with a heart transplant. The heart of the congregation changed from being an inward focused ministry to an outward focused ministry. The realized that lost people mattered to God and they ought to matter to the church. The developing passion for people outside the family of God caused the leadership team to redesign the way the congregation did church. The Sunday morning
services embraced contemporary music, drama, creative arts, and video as viable means of communicating the message of Christ. This focus of the Sunday morning service became “others”.

By January 1996, the congregation had grown to 275 people. They decided to sell the property on Old Petersburg Road and purchase 18 acres of land at 600 Stevens Creek Road. They moved into Stevens Creek Elementary School in April 1996. This transition did not go well for the congregation. In fact, many of the families that were original members of the congregation did not embrace a contemporary approach to ministry and left the church during this transition. It was a very difficult season for the congregation. By August 1996, the attendance fell to 140 people.

During this seasons of difficulty the church was reminded that God was in control of its destiny. On September 8, 1996, everyone that was going to leave left and those desiring to stay remained. A miracle occurred. What was the miracle? Unity. When the congregation became unified in its purpose, the active presence of God was released in its ministry. Since that time, there have been decisions for Christ every month. In September 1997, the congregation adopted the name Stevens Creek Community Church. The name change reflected a new desire to connect with the community that God had placed this congregation in. Shortly after this time, the began a capital fund raising campaign to assist in the financing of their new facility. On October 18, 1998, over two hundred people gathered at 600 Stevens Creek Road for the groundbreaking ceremonies of the new facility.


On April 2, 2000, the first service was held at the new church. Dedication festivities were conducted April 30, 2000 through May 3, 2000. In January 2002, the congregation purchased four additional acres of land and later hired an architect to examine future expansion plans. On January 13, 2002, the church began offering two identical Sunday morning services at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Stevens Creek Community Church has experienced remarkable growth. In recent months, over 60 people have received Christ as their savior. Today, the congregation averages 700 in attendance and holiday services can exceed 1,000 attenders. Stevens Creek is a unique congregation that is quickly becoming a spiritual force in the Central Savannah River Area. Knowing that people matter to God, they press on to influence this community for Christ . . .life by life.

Rolando Herrera